Dental Flippers

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Replace Some Teeth With Dental Flippers

When you need to replace some of your teeth, get a flipper from Pioneer Denture Clinic, Inc. A dental flipper is a transitional partial denture (TPD) that has a tissue-bearing resin base that is fabricated to replace one or more teeth.

Find Out if Your Flipper Is Covered By Insurance

By processing your insurance information, we can provide you with a predetermination of your benefits, and most major insurance plans are accepted.

A Great Temporary Solution

If you need to have an implant or a bridge fabricated, your dentist may have you wear a flipper as a temporary measure.

One big advantage to having a flipper is that additional teeth can easily be added if necessary.

Get a Flipper Quickly

If you suddenly lose a front tooth by accident or surgery, you can usually have a flipper fabricated in a day!

Visit us today to get a dental flipper!

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