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Wear Properly Fitted Dentures You Can Be Proud Of

Get top-quality dentures from Pioneer Denture Clinic, Inc. Everyone has different needs for their artificial teeth, so we have an in-house dental lab that allows us to meet your requirements and have complete quality control.

Get Regular Evaluations of Your Dentures

Get your dentures periodically evaluated by our Denturist. Your ridges are constantly changing which can result in ill-fitting dentures, sore spots, fractions, and broken teeth.


Learn About the Benefits of Our Denture Clinic:

Free initial consultation

In-house dental lab

Full upper and lower dentures

Partial dentures

Most repairs to dentures and partials in about an hour

Same-day relining

Soft liners for problem lower dentures

Immediate dentures (after you are evaluated for extractions by your dentist or oral surgeon, we will fabricate the necessary appliance)

Customize Your Dentures

Your dentures and partials should be relined every few years. Many factors can affect the fit of your dentures and partials, such as health issues, weight loss, poorly repaired dentures, and worn teeth.

You can also ask us about any special needs that you may have regarding the fabrication of your dental prostheses. Your needs may include color, shape, and size of teeth and minimal upper lip showing or no teeth showing when you smile.

Most major insurances are accepted, and you can rely on us to process your insurance information to provide you with a predetermination of your benefits.

Visit the experts at Pioneer Denture Clinic, Inc.

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