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Reline Your Dentures To Maintain a Good Fit

As your ridges naturally shrink, it will be necessary to reline your dentures periodically. This shrinkage is the primary reason your dentures will need to be relined. Bring your dentures to Pioneer Denture Clinic, Inc. for relining to maintain a good fit. FREE consultations are available.

Learn About Relining Your Dentures

When your dentures are relined, we will remove the old plastic lining on the tissue side of your denture and replace it. Maintaining a good fit can slow the rate of shrinkage of your ridges.

Determine if a Reline Is Required

The lower denture is more frequently relined because the lower ridge usually shrinks at a faster rate than your upper arch. Other factors that determine the necessity of a reline are weight loss, sore spots, fracturing your denture, and the onset of food collecting under your denture.

Covered by Insurance

Consult our denturist who can easily determine if your dentures need relined and provide you with a predetermination of your benefits by processing your insurance information. Most major insurances are accepted and cover relines once every year, which we can verify for you.

Visit Pioneer Denture Clinic, Inc. to get your dentures relined.

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