New Dentures


Learn To Wear New Dentures

Get advice and information on how to wear dentures from the experts at Pioneer Denture Clinic, Inc. Learning to wear dentures will take time, and will feel slightly bulky at first. Your tongue may feel slightly restricted but this is normal as your facial muscles and tongue adjust to the new appliances.

Receive an Adjustment

Shortly after the initial placement, sore spots may develop. A few days after you receive your dentures, we will schedule an adjustment. It is typically more difficult to adjust to the lower denture.

Take Care While Eating

It is important to try to eat soft food for the first few days.

As you progress to foods that are more solid, you should try to place even amounts of food on each side while you chew.

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Most major insurances are accepted, and we will process your insurance to provide you with a predetermination of your benefits.

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