Immediate Dentures

A man who got immediate dentures near Snohomish, WA

Denture Relines Near Snohomish, WA

You don't have to go without teeth when you get immediate dentures from Pioneer Denture Clinic, Inc. Final impressions are taken before your teeth are extracted, and the immediate dentures are inserted by an oral surgeon or a dentist immediately after your remaining teeth are extracted. Pioneer Denture Clinic, Inc. will make adjustments to the denture the day following the surgery.

Make Modifications

After your teeth are extracted, your ridges will shrink considerably and a temporary liner may be required after approximately 6 weeks. A permanent liner will be required after 6 months. There will be an additional cost to these procedures which are usually covered by your insurance.

It is the primary concern of your denturist to increase the function and appearance of your dentures, and he will discuss any modifications that can be made.

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